ProGrowth Rapid Growth Sales Plan

Sales Strategy / Sales Process / Sales Infrastructure and Tools / Sales Execution

Do you need to revive stagnant sales?

Are you growing but need help scaling?

Do you need effective sales processes, infrastructure and a plan to scale?

Do you struggle with finding the right sales people and not getting the results you would like from your sales team?

Are you considering selling your company and want to increase sales growth to increase the value and multiple of your company?

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We will build and execute a plan that will guarantee your company’s growth!

The ProGrowth Sales Growth Plan leverages the proven Sales Xceleration Platform, which has been developed by the collective experience of 80+ Senior Sales Executive Leaders. We utilized core tools and execute based on our own extensive hands-on experience developing and executing winning sales growth strategies.

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The 3 Pillars of Sales Growth Plan:

Sales Strategy
  • Leverage business intelligence to increase sales growth rate.
  • Locate the best clients and demographics.
  • Identify best go to market, channel and geographic strategies.
  • Create a winning “customer validated” value proposition and winning messaging.
Sales Process & Enablement
  • Maximize each business opportunity.
  • Create sales and marketing processes that are understood and used by everyone.
  • Integrate and optimize “best practice” sales tools to maximize sales efficiency.
Sales Execution
  • Precisely define goals for sales and business growth.
  • Define proper sales organization and compensation to drive results.
  • Create forecasting and pipeline and management tools to lead and sustain growth.

“Growing companies and sales does not happen by accident and cannot be sustained through heroic leadership – it is the relentless daily practice of proven methodologies and disciplines, along with continual testing and validating new growth concepts.”

Joe Dauskurdas – Founder ProGrowth Advisors
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